IAD Needs Your Help!

We are looking for someone that can do a video recording/slide show for our Spring Show 2015.

If you are comfortable with a camera (iPhone) and can spend a day at 601 Brannan…shoot us an email!



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Monday Morning Photos Barcelona Edition

For today’s Monday Morning Photos we have a space design by External Reference Architects in Barcelona, Spain inspired by happy pigs freewheeling around the streets of the Catalan capital, designers Nacho Toribio and Carmelo Zappulla created an eatery that is both bacon and bike related – with a name that aptly references the cuisine that is offered up to customers – “Ham on Wheels”

Images Lorenzo Patuzzo.

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Student Work Needed!

Graduating class of 2015, we NEED your work! If you are walking in May, send us your best interior rendering for a chance to be featured in the graduation video. Deadline is Friday morning.



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IAD’s Summer Expo



Come to San Francisco for Expo ’15

Admission is Free!

Campus Housing is only $375 for the week/8 nights


Meet Your Program Directors:  Learn More About Your Program & Get Expert Advice

Get Involved:  Benefit from Hands-On Workshops, Field Trips, and Live Demonstrations

Network:  Connect with faculty, alumni, and other students
When:  Saturday, June 20 — Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where:  Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Who:  Students who are taking all of their classes Online

Register for EXPO ‘15:  www.academyart.edu/EXPO15


Be sure to have students check out the Expo Chat featuring people who attended last year

The recording is here:  https://live4.academyart.edu/p7sqszfeual/

Topics covered:

What is the Expo and why should students attend

What special activities are planned – Workshops, VIP Guest Speakers and more

What’s it like to stay in Campus Housing for the week


If you have any questions, please contact Melinda Mettler at mmettler@academyart.edu.

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Earth Day 2015

To celebrate Earth Day, we have some of our favorite design projects from 2014-2015 from buildings to aps and light fixtures these designers are helping our everyday lives be more green. How are you helping our planet?

House for Trees in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Waterbank Campus
A school campus that stores rain and builds peace

An app for mindful shopping

The Ocean Cleanup
A campaign to rid the sea of plastic waste

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables
A witty supermarket campaign to reduce food waste

Air-purifying billboard
A hoarding to transform pollution into clean air

‘Grow It Yourself’ Mushroom Materials
A compostable material to grow, then build with

A kettle that saves both water and power


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Monday Morning Photo(s)

For today’s, Monday Morning photos we would like to congratulate a group of IAD Indonesian students that were featured in an art exhibit this past weekend in the Mission district’s Intersection of the Arts. Ariani Putri Untoro, Florencia Irena, Connie Santoso, Dionisius Djohan, Stephanie Santoso, Nadia Evania Loveta, Jessica Yunnaraga submitted a range of projects from different classes like Sacred Geometry, Color Rendering Techniques and Sketching for Design. Here are some pictures of the event courtesy of the students.

EKSPRESI Poster (3)

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Attachment-1-1-1 IMG_6392 IMG_6397 IMG_6467 IMG_8766 IMG_8767 IMG_8768 Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset IMG_9032



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Google Offices Irvine California

We fell in love with the Google office in Irvine California by RAPT Studio. The design follows the Google “motto” of making their employees happy and productive at work with a Souther California look! Bravo

The 91,000 square feet is split up between four levels, connected by a steel and perforated acrylic staircase that serves at the centerpiece of the entire building. To cater to the competitive spirit of this particular staff, the stair is wired with sensors and LED lighting to display metrics around usage and distance climbed. The design team collaborated with Googlers to develop a tracking system and interface for broadcasting these metrics on monitors in lounges and other public areas.

The result was an office with Google culture and a beach flare, built specifically for the team inside.






Images via interiordesign.net











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LA/FSH 218 Blogging: Content Creation & Promotion

Fashion Journalism BA Program invites your undergraduate students to join a brand new course.

(Open to all majors, fulfills 1 Liberal Arts requirement)

LA/FSH 218 Blogging: Content Creation & Promotion




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Coachella Art 2015

After a weekend at the Coachella Music Festival, I had to share the amazing large scale art installation that were featured throughout the festival, yes the music was great but the art was BETTER! Sorry Drake and Madonna.

Artist: Poetic Kinetics

Tittle: Papilo Merraculous,

The project is inspired by all the amazing ways nature handles change and transformation, the caterpillar installation was up Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday over night it morphed into a beautiful and colorful butterfly…mind blowing!

Follow Poetic Kinetics here

Artist: Derek Doublin and Vanessa Bonet 

Tittle The Corporate Headquarters

The Corporate Headquarters was another one of our favorite installations, rising over 3 1/2 stories or 38 feet tall, the Corporate HQ is a realistic, mock office building with 3 functioning floors and a full-size Jet Ranger helicopter on the roof.  Each floor acts as a stage, displaying rooms one may find in an average, corporate office.

The structure itself was built utilizing 20′ shipping containers, modified, stacked on top of each other and then skinned with over 2,500 panels of faux boxwood grass panels and an additional 15,000 LEDs.

Follow the Hippo Head Quarters here 

Day two of the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival . Sun Sets on Coachella Saturday afternoon.

Artist: Ball-Nogues Studio

Tittle: Pulp Pavillion

The project is an architectural experiment in material composites reclaimed paper; it serves as a bold colorful canopy space and respite from the sun, the best time to see it was at night with the use of light.

Follow Ball-Nogues Studio here


Artist: Keith Greco

Tittle: Twelve Shades of Pass.ani

These may look like common lamps that a person might find in a home, but they have a big twist – they’re end table lamps built for giants. At night the lamps turn on and illuminate the darkness near one of the major food areas.


Artist: Aphidoidea

Tittle: Chrono Chromatic

Follow Aphidoidea here

Honoring tribute yo time and color, Chrono Chromatic is a monumental sculpture that celebrates the festival’s broad spectrum of music and artist, as they engrave their moment in time. Another great installation to see at night.

Artists: Nikolai and Simon Haas

Tittle: Party God

 Nikolai and Simon Haas studied stone carving as children, a joint aptitude that translates in 2015 to what might be one of the world’s largest solid piece of marble: a large Bacchus-inspired cat called “Party God.” 

Follow The Haas Brothers here 

Curbed: Coachella Edition


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W Hotel Istanbul

The W hotel in Akaretler, Istanbul receives a very special renovation by GeoID, when they first designed the hotel back in 2006 they got inspired by the Ottoman culture so while renovating it they decided to continue honoring the culture in every single detail with a more contemporary look. That is how they made W Hotel Istanbul keep its unique concept. The addition of a few surprises while renovating are the Jewelry Box, a tunnel at the entrance which is like a jewelry box so that every guest who walks through it can feel protected and valued just like a jewelry. Lighting was so important for the project so they did a collaboration with Thierry Dreyfuss for the lighting of the tunnel.

Photography : Nejat Cifci

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