Bicycle Interior Design Ideas

Bicycle Interior Design Ideas that Will Inspire You…

10 Bike Hangers For Stylish Off-The-Floor Storage | Apartment Therapy


X3 new office -2011 - Ștefan  Lazãr  #architecture #design

enough say: A Work of art.

Town Stool de Gabriel Hargrove #reciclaje #reuso #diy

Upcycle Fetish - bicycle hangers by Andreas Scheiger. Don't know whether to put this in Art or Interior Design (I might have to try this when I bring my bike to my apartment).

Pendant Rim ceiling lamp by DLF Productdesign is a combination of dynamic shadows and the sustained demand of our time. It is a pendant made of recycled bicycle rims. The pendant bicycle furniture designUpcycling Recycled Bicycles For Edgy Interior Street Artmeeting room table

bicycle table / wheels glass / modern design / workspace workplace studio

Coffee Table from Recycled Bicycle Wheels | Home Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Designs, Architecture and Decorating IdeasbikesUpcycling Recycled Bicycles For Edgy Interior Street Art

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Upscale Condos for Bees

Snøhetta, an integrated design firm of architecture, landscape, interiors, furniture, graphic and brand design, with offices in Oslo, Norway, and New York has created an upscale condo for beehives

“Bees are an important part of our Ecosystem, so why not design a place for them to live in our cities”  creating a honeycomb inspired dwelling that sits on top of the Vulkan Bigård project at Mathallen.

Stay tuned for a lecture at 601 Brannan by the firm this Fall.

Snøhetta - Vulkan Beehive

Snøhetta - Vulkan Beehive

Snøhetta - Vulkan Beehive

Snøhetta - Vulkan Beehive

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Tree House

This Singapore condominium Tree House, has won the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest vertical garden.

The project was developed by the City Developments Limited, and measures 24,638.59-square-feet and promising to save about $500,000 in energy and water annually.  Other features of the condominium include heat-reducing windows and motion sensors that are placed at staircases to activate lights automatically. 

The condominium is expected to be completed in December 2017. 
images via

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Secret Rooms for Kids…and Adults

Secret rooms we wish we had while growing up and even as adults…What do you think?


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Laser-Scanned Photoshoot

Check this out, London based studio ScanLAB has collaborated with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to produce the first fashion shoot done with 3D laser scanners instead of cameras.

How does this work? Well… ScanLab used an advanced terrestrial laser scanner to digitise both the models and the location to create high-resolution “point clouds” of data.

3D laser scanning can create detailed digital models of extremely large spaces in full colour. “There are two processes we use,” said Shaw. “The first is a spatial capture, which works on a quality of reflection. We then usually scan in full colour as well, although we didn’t do that for the Vivienne Westwood project.”

Die Traumdeutung from ScanLAB on Vimeo.

ScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshootScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshootScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshootScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshootScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshootScanLAB and Vivienne Westwood collaborate on first laser-scanned photoshoot
All images and text via

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Monday Morning Photo(S) Sesame St. Edition

For Today’s Monday Morning Photo(S) we have a look at  Florida-based designer Andrew Bloomfield who has visualized a concept headquarters for popular children’s series Sesame Street

As you walk in to the four-story office, visitors or employees will see a giant Sesame Street mural that decorates the lobby upon entering the building leading you through the space an  creating a very visual lobby.

The interior of the office is brightly painted and photographs of the characters from Sesame Street are hung up around the office contrasting with similar color and patterns on the ceiling and surrounding walls.

Check out the office below: 

Photos via the designers website

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Living in a Pyramid

This amazing pyramid house concept has been designed by Juan Carlos Ramos, an architect from Michoacan, Mexico.

The house consists of glass walls allowing natural light that will brighten the interior of the house, perfect for a small family, with two bedrooms a living/dining and a very cool library on the top of the pyramid.

Would you live in a pyramid?

See more of his work here 


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Bus turned Pool House

This double decker bus was re-purposed as a backyard “pool house”

This is the New Orleans home of artist Miranda Lake. The bus is a vintage Routemaster which she bought from a friend and describes as “one big shiny, giant happy pill you can actually get inside of.” 

Its a bit creepy but it has some charm to it… You can see her house by clicking here 



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The Most Creative Lamps

Lighting is a very important element in design, we have a list of some of the most creative lighting fixtures out there, add a fun light fixture to your next design project!

The Cloud



The Greenhouse Lamp



Peel Wall Light




Gummy Bear Chandelier



Lumio: Portable Book-Shaped Light



Ice Cream Cone Bulb Sockets


Balloon Lamp


Brain Light Bulb


Wine Bottle Lights


Broken Plates Chandelier in Waddesdon Manor



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Remembering Robin Williams as “Mrs. Doubtfire”

Remembering Robin Williams…

When you think of the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, what comes to mind? Robin Williams dancing-vacuuming in drag inside that old Victorian home in San Francisco right? 

Well as a tribute to the award winning actor/comedian, we decided to take you inside the beautiful house where the movie was filmed, the location is in the Pacific Heights neighborhood here in San Francisco.

The house is considered a “Victorian Painted Lady,” even though it’s not as colorful as the other “Painted Ladies”  The real address was mentioned in the movie by Sally Field’s character Miranda as 2640 Steiner Street.


The interior scenes were filmed in a Bay area warehouse that they used as a sound stage.

The Set Designer was Garrett Lewis, who worked on other films like Panic Room, Wedding Crashers, and Hook.

The movie won an Oscar for Best Makeup. It took over 4 hours to turn Robin Williams into a woman each day.

Even though the house was designed  in the early ’90s, it really isn’t as outdated as you’d think to be after almost 20 years. You can tell they were going for a more classic, timeless look–nothing too trendy and something that worked with the location. 

Here’s how the house looks today, shown from the corner we never see in the movie (viainetours):

Photos via


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